Working with foreign patients since 1985 we can grantee:

1. Quality of our services
*General and specialized care
*Specialized treatment and repatriation for foreign patients
*Minor surgeries in our clinic
*Audiometric Tests
*Laboratorial Tests
*Treatment during admission in the hospital

2. Quick attendance and return on board, to avoid troubles to work of the crewmembers on board and / or delay of the ship in Port:

*Our clinic is located not so far than 5/10 min from the place in which passengers' ships berth
our own transportation
*Practically 90% of the service are done in our clinic, including laboratorial tests.
*When necessary we have agreement with specialists to a quick attendance

3. Legal requirements to avoid problems to the ship:

*Our clinic is duly registered in the Medicione Regional Council - We are duly authorized to render medical services in our country
*Our clinic is duly registered in the ANVISA (Port Health Authorities) Under NR Y613-2Y2